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Take the opportunity to exhibit your company within the Optro 2016 Symposium centre!
Becoming an exhibitor on Optro 2016 will enable you to:

ASSOCIATE your image to a quality international event in the field of Optronics,

ILLUSTRATE your company’s focus on bringing innovation solutions to the market,

PROMOTE your latest products and innovations,

MEET potential clients or providers on your booth or during the social event,

MAXIMISE YOUR ROI by obtaining the attendee list of the symposium.

Exhibitors :


Altechna                          Delta Optical thin film


Cedrat Technologies                                     Fichou


Gooch & Housego            HGH Infrared Systems


             HTDS              Kigre


Laser Components                                     Nexeya


NIT                   Optroprim


Pro Lite Technology                  Raptor photonics


SCD                                          Sofradir


TELOPS              Symetrie


Thermoanalytics         Orteh

keopsyslogostand20          Egide logo

Sensup                    Safran




For all enquiries and to book your booth please contact:


Jennifer RAIMOND or Anne-Sophie CHARTREZ

+33 (0)3 62 65 80 03 or +33 (0)3 62 65 82 21


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